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Why Synthetic Liquids?

Why use natural gas, biomass and/or coal to produce synthetic liquids?

Combining plentiful domestic feedstocks with Accelergy’s HDX process offers products which reduce dependence on imported oil and, in many cases, meet or exceed the requirements for low-toxicity, low-carbon, biodegradable liquids.

Consider these facts about domestically sourced synthetic liquids:
  • Abundant Supply: Our target markets, the United States and China, are rich in abundant natural resources that can be converted into synthetic liquids. For example, the shale gas revolution in the United States has unlocked tremendous natural gas reserves that could provide all of transportation fuel America needs for at least the foreseeable future. Additionally, there are significant supplies of renewable biomass and coal feedstocks that can provide a clean, secure energy future for generations to come.
  • Environmental Benefits: Combining our proven synthetic liquids conversion technologies with TerraSync®, our proprietary, terrestrial CO2 capture and recycle technology, Accelergy can produce liquids with a smaller carbon footprint than liquids produced from traditional petroleum refining. In fact, Accelergy can tailor TerraSync® to remove more CO2 from the atmosphere than is generated from the production and combustion of the liquids we produce.
  • Reliable Sources: Natural gas and coal currently provide the US with more than three-quarters of its electricity. Using advanced exploration and production technologies, new and increasing reserves of natural gas have been found, dramatically extending the proven reserves in the US. Additionally, our biomass feedstocks can be grown domestically on land deemed unsuitable for food crop cultivation.