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About HDX

Accelergy deploys industry leading, advanced catalysts and state-of-the-art process technologies to transform natural gas, biomass and/or coal into clean specialty products and transportation fuels. Coupled with our proprietary TerraSync® carbon capture and utilization (CCU) technologies, Accelergy can drastically lower or eliminate the carbon footprint of our products profitably.

Our integrated HDX bioconversion processes are more efficient and cost effective than competing alternatives, and able to produce 100% renewable distillate range hydrocarbons with superior properties to current market offerings for Food and USP grade solvents, lubricants and EPA certified low toxicity biodegradable drilling fluids.

A new class of products being offered are TerraSol® liquids, high-purity synthetic mixtures of hydrocarbon and oxygenate based liquids produced using our HDX manufacturing processes.

The ultra-high purity of TerraSol liquids, combined with an array of chemical and physical property features, offers significant benefits for both industrial Food and USP processes and related consumer applications where high purity, low toxicity and biodegradability are desired

TerraSol Liquids Key Features:
  • Essentially odor free, for more attractive work place and end user applications
  • Narrow boiling ranges for optimal combination of flash point and drying time
  • Nil aromatic content to minimize risks from exposure
  • Compatible with most Food and USP grade packaging materials
  • High chemical/thermal stability for long shelf life
  • Low freeze point for specialty applications
  • Ultra low toxicity for regulated drilling and fracking operations
  • Low electrical conductivity
  • Low surface tension for superior wetting and surface spreading